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London Citizens

St John the Divine is a member of London Citizens - an alliance of over 230 schools, churches, mosques, synagogues, charities and community groups who work together for the common good. Being part of this network gives our members of our church the opportunity to participate in public action, leadership training and community engagement for the benefit of the parish and beyond.

Part of our mission is to meet the needs of our local community, spreading the gospel by word and deed. Community organising as part of London Citizens is a fun and practical way to do this, alongside our neighbours of different faiths and none.

Through working with London Citizens, St John’s has been involved many successful campaigns including:

Open church: Every weekday during school term, 3 - 6pm.  The church will be open as part of the London Citizens CitySafe campaign.  Please drop in and say hello!

St. John the Divine has won a CitySafe award for our Open Church initiative.

Welcoming refugees to Lambeth.  Our church school, St Gabriel's College has led a campaign to welcome refugees to Lambeth.  It is the first Refugees Welcome School.

To get involved please contact Nick Hodgson (nickhdgson@aol.com).