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Aims and values

Our aims

  • to worship God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • to proclaim and teach the good news of Jesus Christ
  • to use the gifts God has given us to do His will and build his kingdom on earth
  • to serve the people of our parish
  • to be a house and community of prayer
  • to enable each other to grow in faith, hope and love
  • to be a loving and inclusive parish family

Our Values


​God, who made us all, who died and rose for us all and who fills us all, is at the centre of the lives of all the members of our parish family. All that we have is from God; all that we are is for God; all that we do is with God. Through worship, prayer, service and mission we seek to do God’s will and to build His kingdom.


Each day Jesus is made known to us, and we receive him, in the breaking of bread and the drinking of wine. The heart of our life and fellowship together is our Sunday Parish Mass. In the beauty of holiness of our liturgy we offer God thanks and worship, as we receive forgiveness for our sins, hear his word, offer ourselves to him and receive food for our journey and strength to do his work.


We dedicate our lives to the love and praise of God and the love and service of our neighbour, seven whole days, not one in seven. We believe that God has given every one of us gifts and time to be used in his service, in this place to which he has called us and in all the circumstances of our daily lives. Through our baptism each of us has a ministry in the body of Christ and we encourage each other to find and exercise that ministry.

Inclusive, friendly and welcoming

God accepts each of us as we are and we in turn seek to accept each other and to welcome all who come to share our worship. We believe that in Christ there are no divisions and we seek to break down barriers between us and to celebrate the richness of our diverse and multi-cultural congregation. With all our faults and weaknesses, we are a family and a home, offering friendship and support, open to all who live in ourparish, and beyond.


Jesus commands us to serve one another and to show his self-giving love. We are to be outward, not inward, looking people. We seek to meet the needs of our local community, especially through our Community Centre, to care for our neighbours and, by our lives, to proclaim the gospel both in word and deed to all whom we meet. Through prayer and other action we seek reconciliation, justice and peace and the care of God’s creation.


We believe that we have received freely from God and that we must give freely of our time, our gifts and our money. We give financially, not only for the work of our parish church, but also, through the church, to those in need and to the wider mission of thechurch. We aim to give sacrificially, and regularly, through our parish purse scheme.


All of us need to grow in our faith, so that we may bear fruit for God. We seek to nurture newcomers to the faith and, through our ministry with young people and support for our church schools, to bring up the children of our parish in the faith. All of us, adults as well as children, sit at the feet of Jesus, learning to be his disciples, learning to pray, learning the richness of his word, becoming more fully the body of Christ in our parish.


Jesus commissions us to make disciples and each of us seeks, by the witness of our lives, to bring people to God. We seek, through the love of God and neighbour shown in our worship and our welcome, to bring more people into our parish family.