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Friends of St John the Divine

St John the Divine Kennington was founded to bring the love of Jesus to one of the poorest parts of Victorian London. This was only possible through the vision, philanthropy, and sheer hard work of a group of friends, including Fr Daniel Elsdale and Canon Charles Edward Brooke, our first two vicars. St John the Divine Kennington continues that mission today with the support of friends.

Who are The Friends?

The Friends of St John the Divine Kennington was formally established in the 1970s, by Fr Peter Mahew and churchwarden Victor Lee, and our Friends have contributed generously to the restoration and care of our wonderful home - The Church.

Anyone can become a Friend of St John the Divine Kennington. As with friends in our own everyday lives, we have friends we see every week, and friends we see once in a while. St John’s Friends include past and present members of the congregation, members of the local community, other friends and supporters throughout the world. There is no fee for being a member of the Friends of St John’s.

What are The Friends for?

The main purpose of The Friends is to build and maintain friendships among the wider community of the Church. We pray for the work of St John’s, and we have events throughout the year including the annual Friends Mass and lunch in May.

We also host special events and services around the country which all provide opportunities to worship and socialise with each other. We are always delighted to see Friends at our regular services too.The Friends contribute to our mission and ministry through prayer, volunteering and support through regular donations and appeals.

The Friends and Fund-raising

The Friends support the Church both financially and through prayer. The Friends were originally focused on maintenance of the church building, but whilst this is still very important, we are now broadening that focus to include our mission and outreach in the community.

For example, outreach to young people is a significant priority for the parish. We have three youth choirs, bringing over 60 children from local schools into our parish family. They sing regularly at Mass and Evensong, enriching our worship. Each July, we run a residential choral summer school for them at St John’s College, Cambridge. We also provide an active Sunday school, a teenagers group, a students and young adults group, and pastoral placements for young ordinands. As our outreach to young people continues to grow, we will need to raise more money to support it.

If you would like to donate

Please consider setting up a regular standing order to the Friends of St John the Divine Kennington, Account Number: 50385751, Sort Code: 20-66-51. This can either be done online through your bank, or at a bank branch.

Alternatively, please send a cheque, payable to Friends of St John the Divine Kennington to Mr Harry Cowd, The Vicarage, 92 Vassall Road, London SW9 6JA. If you are a tax payer, please let us know so that we can claim Gift Aid: sjdk2012@yahoo.com

You may also wish to consider remembering St John the Divine in your will. If you would like to talk about this, Fr Mark (020 7735 9340, fr_mark@yahoo.com) or Harry Cowd (020 8542 6977, harrycowd@yahoo.co.uk) would be pleased to discuss it with you. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Friends are remembered regularly at Mass, please continue to pray for the parish.