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Our schools

Saint Gabriel's College

Saint John the Divine is our parish primary school, and Saint Gabriel’s College our parish secondary school. As Church of England voluntary aided schools, governors appointed by the Church are in the majority, and there is a very strong relationship between St John’s church and both schools. Students come regularly for worship and members of our congregation support the schools in a variety of ways.

Saint Gabriel's is a specialist music college which also draws on the rich musical heritage at St John the Divine; musicians from church are regularly involved in the musical life and development of the school. Members of the school and church communities work together as members of London Citizens. Saint Gabriel's has an inclusive Christian ethos based on values of service to others, generosity of spirit and commitment to excellence. The school is very proud of its diversity which includes students and staff from all over the world, from a range of Christian traditions, other faiths and no faith. 25% of places are reserved for students who are regular churchgoers; students who attend St John the Divine church have first priority. Mother Ellen Wakeham is the full-time chaplain at Saint Gabriel’s and assistant priest in the parish, and the Principal is Ms Nick Butler.

Students at Saint Gabriel’s College developed the idea of a ‘Refugees Welcome School’ that commits to prepare children for the arrival of refugees, make arriving children feel welcome, and to engage with the community to promote resettlement.  As a result of their idea, there is now a nation-wide network of Refugee Welcome schools.

Saint John the Divine Primary School

Saint John the Divine School is a very popular primary school, with a strong Christian ethos and family atmosphere. Many families feel connected to the parish church, though many attend other churches, and have good relationships with the parish clergy who offer pastoral support. Children come to church regularly for mass and teachers use the church and its resources to help deliver the curriculum. There are some 25 children from the school who sing in the church choirs, a project which has brought many more school families into regular contact with the parish. The parish links were praised in the recent church school inspection report  in which the school was graded Outstanding in all areas. The Headteacher is Mrs Catherine Warland.

The Times Newspaper has ranked St. John the Divine Primary School as the top primary school in Lambeth. It came first out of 63 primary schools in the Borough.