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Parents' Zone

Dear Parents,
Happy new school year to you all. Here are our plans for the first half of this term from September 2020.
We are happy to be able to offer rehearsals in person once again! Sadly these cannot be quite the same as the old schedule, due to the need for children to be in bubbles as much as possible. Is is also no longer possible for us to pick children up from SJD Primary and walk them to the church hall, as this is not allowed under the new school guidance. This is therefore the propesed timetable:

Monday: SJD Primary Children only. 10am year 3, 11am year 5, 1pm year 4, 2pm year 6. All taking place in SJD Primary.


Wednesday: 4-4.45pm Primary school children not from SJD Primary, 4.50-6.00pm consort boys, 5.15-6.00pm consort girls. Taking place in the church hall.

These will start on the week beginning 14th September.

We will not sing at regular services until after half term.

The safety of children and supporting adults is our priority during this time. We have written a full risk assessment that is on display in the hall. Here is a summary:

1. Wash hands when entering and leaving the hall - we have some automatic sanitising dispensers

2. Head straight to your allocated chair and take all bags and coats with you - do not congregate in the hall or the small reception room

3. Do not share music or pencils, unless with a sibling or member of school bubble

4. No more than 2 people in the toilets at the same time

5. All keyboards cleaned after use

6. Chairs will be cleaned after each rehearsal

7. Let us know (Bett or Ben) if you cannot come to the rehearsal


If we get these right, we can have a fun half term and it'll be wonderful to see everyone again!